The Exam4Caster® is a unique exam simulation and diagnostic tool designed to address the 3 major challenges you face in seeking to qualify for a Producer’s license.

  •    Identifying the critical information that will appear on the State Exam
  •    Mastering that information
  •    Demonstrating your proficiency by passing a standardized test

Exam4Caster offers 4 (four) practice exams, totaling 600 exam questions. Every question includes valuable feedback to clarify your understanding and help you pass your state exam.

Life and Health Exam4Caster ® 0.0 $49.95

Rap with Jack!
  • Online forum with our in house instructor, Jack Frick, where learners can call in and ask questions.
  • Learners are able to attend unlimited sessions for 30days.

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The Exam4Caster®
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