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Online Classroom in conjunction with 360 training is the nation’s leading provider of online licensing, continuing education (CE) and exam prep. All online courses have been  designed to be user friendly to allow you to take them in the shortest time possible & are approved by the various state departments of insurance around the country.

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Continuing Education 

Insurance Pre-License & Continuing Education Training Online
Insurance Continuing Education Training Online
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Insurance Pre-License, Continuing Education & Insurance Adjuster Training Online

Insurance Pre-License & 
Continuing Education Training Online 

Rap with Jack!  
  • Online forum with our in house instructor, Jack Frick, where learners can call in and ask questions. 
  •  Learners are able to attend unlimited sessions for 30days.

Toll free number: 1/855/457.1052     Pass Code: 59997     
Life and Health Review                        1:00 - 1:30 PM CST - Tuesdays
Property and Casualty Review             2:00 - 2:30 PM CST - Wednesdays

Adjuster License Review                     3:00-3:30 PM CST- Thursdays


The Exam4Caster® is a unique exam simulation and diagnostic tool designed to address the 3 major challenges you face in seeking to qualify for a Producer’s license.

  •     Identifying the critical information that will appear on the State Exam
  •     Mastering that information
  •     Demonstrating your proficiency by passing a standardized test

Exam4Caster offers 4 (four) practice exams, totaling 600 exam questions. Every question includes valuable feedback to clarify your understanding and help you pass your state exam.

National Association of Insurance Commissioners
Legal Publications: Compendium of State Laws, NAIC Model Laws and other resources for legal and compliance professionals in the insurance industry.


Prepare Online for Your Life & Health and Property & Casualty (P & C) Insurance Exam

  • Online Classroom represents a pioneer in online license training and an approved insurance license education provider.
  • Each state gov't establishes its own requirements &examination procedures.
  • All of our  content is current with  requirements in all states where approved license education is mandatory.
  • Licensing is regulated by each state's own Department of Insurance.

Why Choose Us?
  • Your pre-license training, continuing ed or new adjuster career training which includes pre license, Xactimate training with prep for Level 1 certification and Jump Start Program can be completed in one place.
  •  Unlimited live 24 x 7 technical support via online, email or chat
  •  Instant results & online printable course completion certificates provided.
  • Online Classroom represents 360 training,one of the largest and most recognized online insurance schools and provider of insurance license courses with a full variety of other products to help you meet your state's requirements.
  •  Corporate discounts are available. Call us 866.959-6230
  • Prepare for the  exam with our state approved, online exam prep & practice exams 
  •  The curriculum has been built by insurance industry experts.
  •  The interactive format of our courses provides learners with a user friendly experience.


Life & Health & Property & Casualty Insurance Practice Tests

  • Build confidence and enhance your knowledge in preparing for the P & C or L & H licensing exam. 
  • This product has been designed to assist students in sharpening their testing skills in prep for insurance exams.
  • Our Exam Prep provides unlimited access to extensive practice final exams covering all L&H and P&C topics.


  • Comprehensive online testing system accessible anytime, anywhere
  • Insurance licensing classes intended for licensing exam prep only
  • Automated grading & feedback
  • Randomized generation of topic quizzes and final exams - unlimited attempts

State insurance departments are the best sources for company and agent licensing information. The link below provides additional state contact information for specific issues.

Popular Insurance Pre-License Classes

California Courses from $19.99

Indiana Life & Health and Property Casualty Pkgs  $129.95 

Nebraska Success Pkgs $150 for 40 hrs

N. Carolina L & H Pkgs only $169.00 for 40 hrs

Pennsylvania Success Pkgs  from $99

S. Carolina Success Packages  $129.95 for 40 hrs

Texas Practice Exam only $99


Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangement (MEWA) Contacts

Maxine Froemling
Chief Financial Examiner
Alaska Division of Insurance
PH: (907) 269-7907
FAX: (907) 269-7912

Arnold Sniegowski, Investigations Supervisor Arizona Department of Insurance PH: (602) 364-2140 FAX: (602) 912-8419

Bob Alexander
Associate Counsel
Arkansas Insurance Department
PH: (501) 371-2829
FAX: (501) 371-2639

Michael Godard, Division Chief
Investigation Division
California Department of Insurance
PH: (909) 919-2232

Peg Brown, Esq.
Deputy Commissioner for Consumer Affairs
Colorado Division of Insurance
PH: (303) 894-7501

Beth Cook
Connecticut Insurance Department
Phone: 860.297.3812
Fax: 860.566.7410

Lee Backus
Consumer Services Manager
District of Columbia Department of Insurance, Securities and Banking
PH: (202) 442-7812

Pamela White
Senior Management Analyst
Florida Department of Financial Services
Division of Consumer Services
PH: (850) 413-5833
FAX: (850)488-6372

Margaret M. Witten
Chief Enforcement Attorney
Georgia Department of Insurance
PH: (404) 656-2060
FAX: (404) 657-9831

Lisa K. Lemon Health Branch Investigator Hawaii State Insurance Division PH: (808) 586-2804 FAX: (808)587-5379

Georgia Siehl
Bureau Chief/Chief Examiner
Idaho Department of Insurance
PH: (208) 334-4314
FAX: (208) 334-4398

Etta Mae Credi
Deputy Director
Financial Corporate Regulatory Division
Illinois Department of Insurance
PH: (217) 782-1757
FAX: (217) 782-5020
Robert E. Wagner
Acting Director
Illinois Department of Insurance
PH: 217-524-3689
Dave Grant
Illinois Department of Insurance

Kim Cross
Assistant Chief Examiner
Iowa Division of Insurance
PH: (515) 281-4163

Linda Sheppard
Director, Accident & Health
Kansas Department of Insurance
PH: 785-296-7895
FAX: 785-291-3034

Sharron Burton
General Counsel
PH: (502) 564-6032
FAX: (502) 564-1456

Paul Boudreaux, Director
Fraud Division
Louisiana Department of Insurance
PH: (225) 219-5819

Robert Wake
Maine Bureau of Insurance
PH: (207) 624-8430
FAX: (207) 624-8599

Lisa B. Hall
Deputy Counsel
Office of the Attorney General
Maryland Insurance Administration
PH: (410) 468-2030
FAX: (410) 468-2086

Nancy Schwartz
Director, Bureau of Managed Care
Division of Insurance
PH: (617) 521-7347
FAX: (617) 521-7750

Karen Dennis, Departmental Manager
Health Plans Division
Office of Financial & Insurance Regulation
PH: (517) 241-3747
FAX: (517) 241-4168

Paul Hanson
Minnesota Department of Commerce
Chief Examiner
PH: (651) 297-5281
FAX: (651) 296-4328
Tina Armstrong
Director of Health Policy
Minnesota Department of Commerce
85 7th Place East, Suite 500
Saint Paul, MN 55101-2198
PH: 651-296-8305
Fax: 651-296-4328

Stephanie Ganucheau
Special Assistant Attorney General
Mississippi Department of Insurance
PH: (601) 359-2780
FAX: (601) 359-2474

Jim Mealer
Chief Market Conduct Examiner
Missouri Department of Insurance, Finance and Professional Registration
PH: (573) 751-2430
FAX: (573) 526-7819
Angela L. Nelson
Director, Division of Consumer Affairs
Missouri Department of Insurance, Financial Institutions & Professional Registration
PH: (573) 751-2640
Mark Stahlhuth, Senior Counsel
Division of Insurance Company Regulation
Missouri Deptartment of Insurance, Financial Institutions & Professional Registration
PH: (573) 522-6112

Jesse Laslovich, Chief Legal Counsel
Montana Department of Insurance
Phone: 406-444-5789
Fax: 404-444-3497
Steve Matthews
Montana Department of Insurance
PH: (406) 444-4372
FAX: (406) 444-3497

Jane Francis
Consumer Affairs Division
Nebraska Department of Insurance
PH: (402) 471-2201
FAX: (402) 471-6559
Joel Green
Legal Division
Nebraska Department of Insurance

Kimberly Everett
Assistant Chief, Life & Health Section
State of Nevada Division of Insurance
PH: (775) 687-4270, Ext. 248
Ted L. Bader, CFE
Senior Investigator, Enforcement Unit
Nevada Division of Insurance
PH: (775) 687-0711

Thomas Burke
Chief Examiner
New Hampshire Department of Insurance
PH: (603) 271- 7973 ext. 208
FAX: (603) 271-7029

Louis Felice
New York Department of Insurance
PH: (212) 480 5061
FAX: (212) 480-6799

Ted Hamby, FLMI
Deputy Commissioner
Life & Health Division
North Carolina Department of Insurance
PH: (919) 733-5060 ext 349
FAX: (919) 715-3547

Charles Johnson
General Counsel
North Dakota Insurance Department PH: (701) 328-4984

Thomas C. Neiswander
Supervisor, Fraud & Enforcement Division
Ohio Department of Insurance
50 W. Town Street, Third Floor, Suite 300
Columbus, OH 43215
PH: (614) 387-1356
FAX: (614) 387-0116
David C. Barney
Chief, Fraud & Enforcement Division
Ohio Department of Insurance
50 W. Town Street, Third Floor, Suite 300
Columbus, OH 43215
PH: (614) 644-3193
FAX: (614) 387-0116

Susan D. Dobbins
Deputy General Counsel
Oklahoma Insurance Department
PH: (405) 521-2746
FAX: (405) 522-0125

Douglas Beck
Market Analyst
Oregon Department of Insurance
PH: (503) 947-7204

Robert A. Downie, Chief
Pennsylvania Insurance Department
Bureau of Licensing and Enforcement
PH: (717) 772-3598
FAX: (717) 772-4334
John J. McGinty, Special Investigator Supervisor
Pennsylvania Insurance Department
Bureau of Licensing and Enforcement
PH: (610) 801-2200 ext 3027
FAX: (610) 801-2216

Christopher Koller
Office of the Health Insurance Commissioner
(401) 462-9639

Jill Kruger
South Dakota Department of Insurance
PH: (605) 773-3563
FAX: (605) 773-5369

Trey Hancock, CFE Lead Life & Health Analyst PH: (615) 741-7514

Jeff Hunt, CPA
Admissions Officer
Company Licensing and Registration
Financial Program
Texas Department of Insurance

Suzette Green-Wright
PH: (801) 538-9674
FAX: (801) 538-3829
Sandra Halladay Market Conduct Examiner
Utah Insurance Department PH: 801-537-9162
FAX: 801-538-3829

David Martini
Assistant General Counsel
Vermont Department of Banking, Insurance
Sercurities and Health Care Administration
PH: (802) 828-1046

Daryl Hepler, AIE, AIRC, CFE, FLMI
Senior Insurance Financial Analyst
Virginia Bureau of Insurance
Company Licensing & Regulatory Compliance
PH: (804) 371-9999

Online Classroom Advantages
Our Guarantee 
  • If you do not pass your Texas Ins License exam after taking  our online preparation  you’ll be refunded the full cost of the course or given the option to take the course over. 
  • Save Time & Money  
  • High Quality content
  • Courses Follow Outline for Texas Licensing Exams    


Xactimate Training Online

  • $99             

  • $139             
  • $139 

  • $49.95
  • from $6.00
The Texas Insurance Adjuster Program 

  • Covers  foundational concepts related to p & c insurance adjusting & will prepare you for the Insurance Adjuster P & C exam which will be taken on line at the end of this class More info at

  • Students operating in states outside of Texas will be able to obtain their Adjusters P & C License upon completion of this course via state reciprocity allowances.

  •  There may be additional requirements for this license, so check with your Dept of Ins if you have any questions about Adjuster Licensing rules in your particular state.  

  • *Please note: Your state may offer an approved adjuster's license of its own. Our course is for a Tx adjuster's license, which is accepted in 32 states through reciprocity allowances.

  • The Texas Adjuster's license is preferred because it allows for the most career flexibility and versatility.

Continuing Ed

Life & Health, Property & Casualty, All Lines
2. Insurance Continuing 

Accredited, state-specific, interactive, self-paced
Three areas of Insurance training to choose from:
Pre-License Course Catalog
**On Course Catalog page choose:
   >>>Financial Services 
      >>>Insurance Education
        >>> Insurance Pre-license  Exam Prep           >>> Pick your State
Continuing Education Course Catalog
**On Course Catalog page choose:
   >>> Financial Services 
      >>> Insurance Education
       >> > Insurance Continuing Education 
          >>> Pick your State
3. Texas Insurance Adjuster

Hurricane Harvey Adjusters License